Nucleic acid detection station

Nucleic acid detection station

Nucleic acid detection stationCOVID-19

Comprehensive protection & air-isolation Medical personnel work in the booth, it's completely isolated from outdoor tested person .It can eliminate the possibility of infection ,avoid high-risk touch.

Product Description:
When we Chinese were fighting hard against the coronavirus, people in
other countries gave us huge help and supports, which we appreciate sincerely. Although we have controlled the pandemic very successfully in China, now the coronavirus is unfortunately spreading all over the world, even worse, the infected population is now increasing rapidly. At this moment, we believe it is our responsibility to help people in other countries. At the beginning of the outbreak of coronavirus in China, we started and spent 4 months to design and develop this professional nucleic acid testing station. In the quality testing at Chinese hospitals, this testing station works very well in dramatically decreasing the medical personnel infected, then eliminate the infection opportunities!

Product advantages:
1). Medical staff are not required to wear protective clothing in this station.
2).The indoor with positive pressure, the outside air/virus can not enter the inside.
3).The medical staff can fully isolated operation, it can finish the testing operation in a very comfortable and safe environment.
4).It with air conditioning and fresh air systems, it also with strong filters, it can 100% keeps virus out of station.
5). Plug and play, it with full set design, you can use it after removing the wooden packing when you receive the goods.
6).Moveable: The station with wheels, it’s easy to move to different place.
7). Self-regulating air pressure: when the inside air pressure is more than set value, the air door will be opened to release the air.

Color: White
Size: 1200*1500*2600mm(L*W*H)
1). Main Frame: 1.2mm thickness Galvanized steel
2). Interior : Heat barrier material
3). hollow glass
4. Frame : 60*60*3.0mm Galvanized rectangular tube
5. Wall: 1.2mm thickness Galvanized steel
Power Supply: 110~120V or 220~240V
Weight: 520KG
Packing size: 1300*2700*1600mm(L*W*H)


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